The Apprenticeship Programme

We’re passionate about our Apprenticeship Scheme which is why we continuously find new ways to make our three-year programme exciting, dynamic and entirely relevant to today’s fast-paced world of work. Each year we recruit around 15 Apprentices – usually from local schools and colleges in the catchment area to our Group headquarters in Hixon, Staffordshire.

Since we launched our fully-accredited Apprenticeship Scheme in 2010, we have recruited almost 100 Apprentices and we are proud to have offered all Graduates a role in either Alpha Manufacturing or Bri-Stor Systems. This is a reflection of the value we place on our Apprentices and we continue to develop our Scheme year-on-year because we see the enormous potential Apprentices bring to our Group.
Many of our Apprentices go on to further their careers in one of our businesses, and those with exceptionally high levels of drive and determination go on to achieve a Level 4 qualification. We’ll even sponsor some of our Graduate Apprentices to go on to achieve a full degree.

Is our Apprenticeship Scheme right for you?

Across The HEX Group divisions, we service a huge range of industries including the technology, automotive, agricultural, interiors, aerospace, utilities, construction, defence industries, garden lifestyle – the list is endless. So you can expect an exciting and varied career in The HEX Group where you’ll learn cutting edge manufacturing practices using the very latest technology, building up a wealth of experience and skills.
Every year we expand the opportunities available across a number of disciplines, a reflection of our commitment to delivering even further opportunities for young people starting their careers.

How The HEX Group Apprenticeship Programme works:

During the first year you will spend 1 day per week in either Alpha Manufacturing or Bri-Stor Systems and the other 4 days at The JCB Academy.  In year one you will learn basic principles of Engineering and Manufacturing and begin to understand how these are applied across our business.

In year two and three you’ll spend time in the classroom with our Apprenticeship Manager, Will Davies-Hill and you’ll begin the Rotation Programme – giving you the opportunity to work with a number of teams.  This is your chance to use different skills and experience different departments.  It’s a vital part of the Apprenticeship Scheme and will really inform your choices.  In year three, you’re almost at the end and this is where you’ll confirm which career-route you’d like to go down.  For some Apprentices this might be continuing with studies while working – the choices are only limited by your own ambition.  For those Apprentices that want to further their studies, we’ll sponsor you to progress to a level 4 qualification (Foundation Degree) or for those that want to go the extra mile, we’ll sponsor you to achieve a full Engineering or Manufacturing & Production degree.

To find out more about our Apprenticeship Programme, visit Bri-Stor Systems or Alpha Manufacturing

The Latest HEX Apprenticeship News

February 10, 2022

“My Apprenticeship has helped to fast-track my career”

The HEX Group Apprenticeship Scheme has developed over 100 young students to grow into leaders in their field for over 10 years. After beginning his further education at sixth form, Graduate Apprentice and Production Engineer Alex Billings decided an Apprenticeship was the route he wanted to pursue.
February 1, 2022

The tutors really respect us as working guys – not pupils

Nearing the completion of his NVQ in Mechanical Engineering at college, Stephan was weighing up options when he met Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Manager Will Davies-Hill, as he tells us: “I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after completion of my NVQ but when Will visited my college and told us about the opportunities at Bri-Stor Group as an Apprentice I was really intrigued.”
December 13, 2021

The HEX Group Expands Apprenticeship Scheme To Support Other Local Companies

Staffordshire manufacturing and engineering company, The HEX Group, is expanding its successful apprenticeship programme by preparing to take on a record number of apprentices and higher apprentices as well as opening its doors to train and support other local companies’ apprentices.